Friday, November 30, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Challenge - Day 2

Happy Friday Lovelies!

Today I have for you, Cult Nails - Disciplined
Disciplined is our next installment of the recent "Behind Closed Doors Collection" and is described as follows: 
"Disciplined is a sheer but buildable soft grey with purple, pink and blue shimmer." - Cult Nails 
I was worried that this color might be really close to 'My Kind of Cool Aid' but it is actually very different! My Kind of Cool Aid leans more purple and has a dustier quality where Disciplined is more gray/blue and is packed with pink and blue shimmer. 

Application and drying time for Disciplined were both great. I did three thin coats with no top coat for the photos below.

Just look at that shimmer!  

 Onto the challenge: 

Day Two: Snowflakes

Base Color:  Cult Nails - Disciplined 
Stamping Colors:  Zoya - Kelly, butter LONDON - HRH, 
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - White On
Stamping Plate:  Bundle Monster Plate BM14
Topcoat:  butter LONDON - Hardwear

Cult Nails can be purchased for $10 here.
Butter LONDON can be purchased for $14 here
Bundle Monster plates can be purchased here

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All polishes in this review were purchased by me for personal use.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Challenge - Day 1

Hello my lovely polish people!

I hope you are all having a spectacular Wednesday. Today I have for you Coveted from The Behind Closed Doors Collection by Cult Nails! 

I was planning on finishing swatching the collection as a whole today, but instead plan to continue doing individual posts that included nail art for each shade. 

Today I joined a wonderful group of bloggers in what will be my first nail art challenge. I am super excited about this! More info about this after the review!

Coveted is described as follows: 
"Coveted is a jelly deep green with metallic green flakes and subtle green shimmer." - Cult Nails 
I am absolutely in love with this color! Out of all 5 colors from this collection Coveted was the one I was looking forward to the most, and it did not disappoint!
Just look at those flakies! 

Coveted was a little tricker to apply than flushed because of the flakes but in no way gave me trouble. I have yet to find a Cult Nails polish that didn't apply flawlessly, and I own quite a few!

I did three thin coats with no top coat for the photo below.

Onto the challenge: 

Day One: Only Red & Green

Base Color: Cult Nails - Coveted
Stamping Color: Butter LONDON - Knees Up
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster Plate BM21
Topcoat: Butter LONDON - Hardwear

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Cult Nails can be purchased for $10 here.
Butter LONDON can be purchased for $14 here
Bundle Monster plates can be purchased here

All polishes in this review were purchased by me for personal use.

NOTD: Cult Nails Flushed w/ Stamping

Here I was swatching the new Cult Nails collection, when I get to Flushed, not surprisingly I couldn't justify taking it off! Needless to say my swatch fest ceased and Nail Art began.

Flushed is a limited edition color that was recently released in the Behind Closed Doors collection. It is described as follows:
"Flushed is true "Blurple" (blue/purple) buildable sheer with an intense purple/pink shimmer effect that appears to glow through the polish." - Cult Nails
Application was flawless, which is usual for Cult Nails polishes. I used three thin coats but full opacity can probably be achieved with two. This is without topcoat. 

I added some stamping using butter LONDON's Lillibet's Jubillee and stamping plate SE20. Lillibet's Jubilee is described as follows:
"A silvery, lavender metallic foil, heavily infused with holographic glitter" - butter LONDON

Flushed has so much depth the pictures don't do it justice! In some lights it leans more blue than others and you can really see the sparkle!

Yesterday morning I added butter LONDON's Frilly Knickers over the stamping for some sparkle. 

As you can see from the photo Flushed has worn beautifully. I often get tip wear the same day I apply polish, even when wrapping the tips, and this manicure is going on three days with no tip wear!

Cult Nails polishes can be purchased for $10 here. 
butter LONDON polishes can be purchased for $14 here
As of today Flushed is currently sold out, I have no information as to its return.

All polishes in this review were purchased by me for personal use.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Giveaway!

Good Evening Lovelies! 

As a token of my affection I decided I would do a giveaway when my Facebook page reached 50 likes.  I was blown away when it reached 50 in no time flat, and I about fell over when it hit 100. You have no idea how much this means to me! 

Since Polish Snob on Facebook already has over 100 likes I decided why not do 2 giveaways! I have separated them into a Holiday Giveaway and a New Year's Giveaway

So as promised, here is the Holiday Giveaway! 
Enter Via Rafflecopter at the bottom!

There will be 4 winners: 

First: Color Club - Winter Affair Scented Mini Nail Lacquer Set

Second: China Glaze - Holiday Charms Mini Nail Lacquer Set

Third & Fourth: 1 Holiday Gift Bag per person
Each Gift Bag Includes: 1 mini China Glaze - Ruby Pumps, 1 Sally Girl Snowman Polish - Sparkle, 1 pack of holiday nail files!

The give away runs from November 27th -December 12th 2012

All items were purchased by me with my boyfriend's money. 

At this time this giveaway is not open internationally. 

Welcome Post!

Hello polish people! This is my first official blog post and I am excited to welcome you all to Polish Snob!

My name is Kara, I’m 26 years old, and I am a nail polish addict.  

I am also a full time college student located in beautiful Washington state! I am studying exercise science and hope to become a physical therapist in the future.  I have a wonderful dog named Norma Jean. She is a pit bull and the biggest love bug, she is my pride and joy!

She likes to help mommy on the computer :) 

So now that I have introduced myself, let me elaborate a little about this blog. 

Just to put it out there, it is true that I am a self-proclaimed beauty snob.  Does this mean I dislike drug store brands? Nope! Not at all, actually I love me a good bargain on anything. I’m a college student so the cheaper the better! So why do I say I am a beauty snob?  It is because I do absolutely love high-end makeup and it shows through my collection of it. 

When it comes to nail polish I love high end brands just as much as the next girl, but my true love is for indie brands. I make jewelry and other crafts and did it as a business for awhile, so I know first hand that it is hard work. I have so much love for the indie polish makers, you guys are my favorite! (Yes, I  choose favorites, I am a snob remember?) A sarcastic snob, but a snob nonetheless! :) 

So, in short, I just wanted to convey that I do not mean snob in the traditional sense. I do not look down on anyone and I do not think I am better than you.  This page is meant to unite anyone who has a love for nail polish.  So with that said, I hope you enjoy my little spot here on the web!