Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Welcome Post!

Hello polish people! This is my first official blog post and I am excited to welcome you all to Polish Snob!

My name is Kara, I’m 26 years old, and I am a nail polish addict.  

I am also a full time college student located in beautiful Washington state! I am studying exercise science and hope to become a physical therapist in the future.  I have a wonderful dog named Norma Jean. She is a pit bull and the biggest love bug, she is my pride and joy!

She likes to help mommy on the computer :) 

So now that I have introduced myself, let me elaborate a little about this blog. 

Just to put it out there, it is true that I am a self-proclaimed beauty snob.  Does this mean I dislike drug store brands? Nope! Not at all, actually I love me a good bargain on anything. I’m a college student so the cheaper the better! So why do I say I am a beauty snob?  It is because I do absolutely love high-end makeup and it shows through my collection of it. 

When it comes to nail polish I love high end brands just as much as the next girl, but my true love is for indie brands. I make jewelry and other crafts and did it as a business for awhile, so I know first hand that it is hard work. I have so much love for the indie polish makers, you guys are my favorite! (Yes, I  choose favorites, I am a snob remember?) A sarcastic snob, but a snob nonetheless! :) 

So, in short, I just wanted to convey that I do not mean snob in the traditional sense. I do not look down on anyone and I do not think I am better than you.  This page is meant to unite anyone who has a love for nail polish.  So with that said, I hope you enjoy my little spot here on the web!


  1. Hi Kara, welcome to the nail polish community!

  2. Love your baby girl! I have a pit bull as well! Her name is Lela & she is a rescue dog! They are the best dogs! Welcome to the NP community!