Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Challenge - Update

Hello Lovelies!

I know I've bee MIA for a few days, please forgive me. My last day of school was last Wednesday so I am now finally getting some time to breathe. This post will include all of the missing days from the 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge. All of these were done on the corresponding days, I just didn't have time to sift through photos and post them. 

Onto the Challenge(s):

Day 4: Christmas Lights 

My inspiration for these was a gold garland with white lights on it. Here is how it turned out: 

Here is a quick shot of how I did the garland. I painted my nails with Color Club Disco Nap and then added half of a reinforcement to each nail and then painted over it with the blue polish from Color Club's Winter Affair Collection. 

 I then topped the blue with China Glaze Water You Waiting for from the Cirque du Soleil Collection and topped the gold with Butter LONDON West End wonderland. Then added rhinestones for the white lights. Here you can see it really sparkle! 

I didn't create a "What I used" breakdown for this manicure because I wanted to explain how I created it instead. I hope you guys like it! If you have any questions about what I used feel free to comment!

Day 5: Snowman 

I used Zoya - Skylar for my base. I will add pictures and a more detailed review of Skylar in a later post  because this one will already be picture heavy. 

I call this My Snowmanicure : 

What I used: 

Base Color:  Zoya - Skylar
Nail Art: I used acrylic paint for the snowman body, nose, and scarf. I used Cult Nails Nevermore for the black detailing.
Stamping Color:  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - White On
Stamping Plate:  Bundle Monster Plate BM14
Topcoat:  butter LONDON - Hardwear

Zoya can be purchased for $8 here.
Cult Nails can be purchased for $10 here.
Butter LONDON can be purchased for $14 here
Bundle Monster plates can be purchased here

Day 6: Winter Wonderland

I absolutely loved these! Unfortunately, I did these on the Monday of finals week and didn't get a good picture of them. You can get the idea from this picture but it doesn't do them justice.

I painted my nails with the dark blue from Color Clubs's A Winter Affair Collection and then painted on the snow and outlines of the trees with white acrylic paint. Then I added green detailing on the trees with the green from Color Club's Winter Affair collection and stamped on the stars with a silver polish. Then I used a brown polish for the house and added rhinestones to the stars and to the house to resemble Christmas lights. 

Here is a close up, these pictures suck because I used my iPhone:

Day 7: Ugly Christmas Sweater

After doing the red & green challenge I was so looking forward to doing these because my manicure reminded me of a Christmas sweater. These were scheduled for 12/12 which was the day of my math final. Sadly, I skipped these. :(

Day 8: Christmas Tree

On Friday12/14 I posted my review Lacquerhead Polish - Just Be Claus. After I did the review I couldn't justify taking it off so, since the challenge for that day was Christmas Tree, I added an accent nail using a tape design.

I absolutely LOVE this!! 

I wanted to post this on Friday with the review but I wouldn't let myself post these out of order. (OCD much?)

For the accent nail I used the red and green from Color Club's A Winter Affair Collection.

Just Be Claus is now sold out but don't forget to check out 
Lacquerhead Polish; she has so many other awesome colors!!

Day 9: Winter Wreath 

Now for a current update. My nails are in pretty rough shape due to a recent manicure mishap. The tops  of my nails are tender and you can see that the skin underneath isn't too happy at the moment. It is pretty red. My nails are peeling and breaking, which isn't normal for me. My nails are usually long and pretty strong. Needless to say I've refrained from painting them. I sported a cute little wreath sticker for todays challenge to show my support.

As you can see, I've got a chunck out of  my ring finger. I'm hoping this heels up soon. It kind of throws a wrench in my blogging plans for winter break. I'm not sure if I will be able to continue in the challenge and I've got quite a few new polishes I wanted to show you guys! 

My plan is to swatch what I have on nail wheels and maybe get my twin sister in on the polish action. Her nails still look beautiful! 

We'll see what happens! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my upcoming post announcing my first blogging award!! 

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  1. May I request an ugly Christmas sweater mani, I was looking forward to it the most! :)

    1. How about you come over tonight and I attempt an ugly sweater manicure on your beautiful nails? I also have the Lumina Lacquer Christmas Collection to Swatch! :)

  2. Well worth the wait chickie!!! But that last picture does look painful!! I don't understand how a manicure turns into that...

    1. I think combined with using nail polish remover a ton lately and buffing them myself and then getting them buffed (with what I believe is too coarse of grit) just made my nails really weak and now they are splitting and peeling. :(