Friday, December 14, 2012

Lacquerhead Polish - Just Be Claus Review

Let me just say, I cannot begin to tell you how much I adore this polish! I can't stop staring at my hands! This is the perfect holiday polish!

Is this not the cutest thing ever?? I just can't get over how much detail Lacquerhead Polish puts into her product. All of her items are hand made, which in itself is time consuming, let alone the rest of the details she adds in. From the cute little bow and color coded labels to the creativity that goes into creating concepts and colors right down to the final product it is clear that this gal knows what she is doing.  

Her packaging is super cute, each polish has a cute little bow and she color codes the labels by collection. Her Halloween Collection had orange bubbles around the names and the Christmas collection has red. 

I am thrilled to show you "Just Be Claus" from her Christmas Colleciton but at the same time am kicking myself for not picking up anything else! 

Just Be Claus is a white based polish with green and red glitters of different sizes and red stars!

I achieved full coverage with three thin coats and topped it with 2 coats of Poshe Quick Dry Topcoat. 

Application was great! Before I started I shook the bottle upside down for a few minutes to make sure the glitter was distributed evenly throughout the polish. I didn't have any trouble getting the glitter out of the bottle and had at least one star on each nail except my pinkie.  

Some of the stars are covered with white after the third coat but in person you can still see them. The layering of this polish really gives it so much depth!

I thought about layering one coat of Just Be Claus over white polish but am very glad I didn't because I love how this turned out and am serious when I say I cannot stop staring at my hands! I just love it to pieces! 

As of about an hour ago Lacquerhead Polish is having her biggest and last sale before Christmas. Here is what she wrote on Facebook: 
"Any orders placed tonight will go out tomorrow and any placed this weekend will go out Monday morning. I cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas on International orders. Use coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS at checkout for 30% off your total order."

If you haven't already stopped reading to run and buy this polish then here is the link so you can do so now:

*I am not affiliated with Lacquerhead polish.  I do not receive any compensation for this review or if you purchase this product.  I purchased this product with my own money for personal use. 

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